Commission for financial assistance

The Commission for financial assistance to victims of intentional acts of violence (“Commission d’aide financière aux victims d’actes intentionnels de violence / Commissie voor financiële hulp aan slachtoffers van opzettelijke gewelddaden”) is an administrative jurisdiction that can, under certain conditions, grant financial assistance to victims of an intentional act of violence.

This financial assistance does not constitute full financial compensation for the harm suffered and is subsidiary. It is primarily the perpetrators or their insurance companies that must compensate the victims whenever possible. There cannot be a double compensation.

The Commission can intervene for different items such as moral damages, disabilities or even legal fees within the limits of the legal framework.

The Commission may grant financial assistance without waiting for the end of the trial.

Many victims of the attacks of 22 March 2016 have already submitted a financial assistance application to the Commission.

What if you did not introduce a request for financial assistance before the Commission before the 18 March 2020 deadline?  You will have the opportunity to apply for financial assistance again when the decision of the court (judgment) will have become final.

For more information, you can contact the Terrorism Division of the Commission by telephone (02/ 542 72 24) or preferably by email ((

The Terrorism Division will be available on a regular basis during the trial (meetings can with or without appointment).