Assistance for victims by the victim reception services

The court assistants are present every day during the trial. They can be recognised by their blue chasuble.

Their mission is to inform, support and guide victims and their relatives throughout the judicial procedure.

In the context of the trial, they can give you information on the course of the trial, the role of the various actors, the practical organisation of the trial, etc.

They will accompany and support you during the hearing. You can turn to them whenever you feel the need, either to ask questions or to express your emotions. If necessary, they will relay your questions and concerns to the judicial authorities.

If necessary, they can refer you or put you in contact with other specialised services, including victim support services, which can provide psychological support.

The judicial assistants can be contacted on 02/ 363 00 00 (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm) or by e-mail

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