Trial of the attacks
March 22, 2016

Date: December 2022

Location: Justitia
Avenue du Bourget 22
1130 Brussels


  • What is a Court of Assizes?

    The court of assizes is composed of the court and a jury. The court and the jury together form the panel.

    The court of assizes tries crimes that cannot be commuted/reduced to offences/misdemeanors (“correctionnalisés/gecorrectionaliseerd”) or have not been commuted/reduced to offences/misdemeanors. The Constitution considers that the trial of the most serious crimes should be entrusted to persons from civil society.

  • How to find a lawyer?

    You can choose the lawyer of your choice. He/she must be able to speak French and know the rules of procedure of the court of assizes in Belgium.

    If you do not know any lawyer, you can find one via the websites (French or German speaking lawyers) and (Dutch speaking lawyers).

    You should verify whether your insurance does not allow you to benefit from a lawyer of your choice whose cost is fully or partially covered by your insurer.

    If you meet the conditions provided for by Belgian law to benefit from total or partial legal aid, you can apply for legal aid at the legal aid office located in Brussels or at your place of residence in Belgium. You can obtain practical information at or

  • What is the language used during this trial?

    The trial is conducted in French only. If you are an accused or a civil party, you can benefit from an interpreter.